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Grand Touch pool is acknowledged as trusted south india and UAE swimming pool builder . GT pool has countinously understand our people and understand pools and what pool owners need .

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    Be humble in all dealings with our partners, clients and team members. True wisdom and understanding belong to the humble.

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    Be sure of our facts and be honest and straightforward in all of our dealings with each other and good our clients.

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    Over the years, we have gained a reputation for integrity and trust from our customers who continue to use our services.

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    We ensure that all projects are done with professionalism using quality materials while offering clients the support and accessibility.

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    Success is when we can achieve results in the things we are passionate about and feel as though we are making a difference.


Services we deliver

We aim to eliminate the task of dividing your project between different architecture and construction company. We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.

  • Full Project Management
  • Design and Modeling
  • Swimming Pool Renovation
  • Construction
  • If you looking for Swimming Pool Construction for your Pool Construction & Swimming Pool Repairing. We have been serving our clients widely for over a decade in all major cities. Do you dream of have a beautiful and private swimming pool in your backyard? Are you looking for the best swimming pool construction company in the market? Search no more because your search ends at us. Landscape and Swimming Pool Company is one of the most reputed Swimming pool construction companies in India. We have been serving our clients widely for over a decade in all major cities across the India.

  • Swimming Pool Maintenance - We are leading Swimming Pool Maintenance Company in India, If looking for Regular Swimming Pool Maintenance or Weekly Pool Maintenance in India do call us # +919995139492. The beauty of a Swimming pool lies in the clear water and cool blue sparkling look. A Swimming pool is often considered as a matter of pride for any hotel or resort. It oozes pride and elegance to the resort and enhances the brand name and status of the hotel. Swimming pool maintenance is very important to retain the grandness of the resort or hotel. The secret behind the pristine look of any swimming pool is regular care and maintenance of the pool.

  • You have taken a great deal of care to design the perfect swimming pool for your home with Grand Touch Pools, and you have dreamed about enjoying your swimming pool with quiet afternoons spent poolside, entertaining around the pool with family and friends and more. Whether you have opted for an indoor pool, an outdoor pool or a spa, all swimming pools will require regular care and maintenance. Swimming pool maintenance is designed to keep the pool’s surface clean and to keep the water sparkling, clear and safe for you and your family to swim in. Swimming pool maintenance includes cleaning the larger particles of debris from the water. These particles can settle on the bottom of the pool and create stains and discoloration, so they do need to be removed regularly. Maintenance also involves maintaining the chemical balance of the pool through water testing and adding the right chemicals to the water as needed on a regular basis. Further, cleaning the filters is also necessary.

  • A system of under water jets that keep the water in a bath or pool constantly agitated you known as a jacuzzis. If you have your own swimming pool you can’t go outside for swimming. Now-a-days, swimming is an intregal part of our life because everyone in stress due to their jobs, tentions, etc. That is why we introduced jacuzzis a home tub pool for you. Jacuzzis bathtub at your place gives relaxed your body when you take bath in warm water. With rich experience of the of the marketplace, we have been able to manufacture and supply an innovative range of Jacuzzis bathtub. A vast range of Jacuzzis bathtub models with best technology that can be installed anywhere. Our Jacuzzis bathtub is also demanded in homes, spas, hotels and villas for their design and service life. We provide different range of products to the clients or customers at a reasonable price with best quality. There are many features of Jacuzzis bathtub like smooth finish, automatic drain system, easy to install, advance service life, slip resestant bottom, modern and luxurious design etc. All jacuzzis bathtub are made with highest- quality. That is why you will enjoy a lots of benefits such as a brigter, glossier finish that’s easy to clean and warm to the touch. We Grand Touch Pools company’s experience engineer’s make revolutionary designs of jacuzzis which completely satify you and leave you wanting more. You will wonder how you ever manged yourself without it. As a owner of a jacuzzis tub you will soon realize the many benefits of having one in the confort of your own home. On the behalf of reaserch jacuzzis bathtubs also help in the field of medical because with the help of Jacuzzis hot tubs you can ease various pains. If you are suffereing from muscle and joint pains, you will find relief in pressure form the jacuzzi’s built-in water jet system. Jacuzzi’s have been found to increase air and blood circulation in the human body. Using Jacuzzi’s relieves you of stress and take away the anxiety. After that you will also enjoy the benefits of having better sleep. If you want to relax and unwind with your family or special someone spending time in a Jacuzzis is a great idea. Your family and friends will also enjoy the jacuzzi’s bathing. Jacuzzis bathtubs give life to your ailing body.

  • Are you thinking of installing a swimming pool with unique water features in your backyard? Are you looking for a construction company in India that builds world class swimming pools? Look no more. We at Grand Touch Pools Company India provide you with a one stop solution with all your landscape and swimming pool queries and requirements. We believe in building a peaceful and beautiful exterior surrounding. We are here to offer you exceptional services in landscape planning, designing, construction and maintenance.

  • We Grand Touch Pools company also provides fountain in India from many years. Our landscaping team workers make gorgeous style fountain and put a fabulous water features with them. If you are looking to liven up your garden consider adding Water Fountain. You can also inspired by our fountains, ponds and water garden that really make a splash. In India our company Grand Touch Pools also gives budget Water Fountain for our client and customers. We provide Water Fountain which help turn your landscape something special. We will create amazing focal points for the backyard. Built a falling water features top to bottom from the fountain which looks very cool. Our company should strive towards proving quality care in fountain services and enhancing the satisfaction of the customers. It is necessary that in India our landscaping team ensure satisfaction as it has a direct effect on their design. They are dealing with all kind of fountain. This makes customer’s stay more comfortable and pleasant. Our company provides all the necessary facilities required in rendering good and efficient landscaping fountain should be taken into consideration while planning at the same time ensuring minimum expenses on maintenance and service costs. The size of the fountain depends on several factors and the location of the fountain also depends on the swimming pool nearby activities taking place. The landscaping that needs to be included while designing the fountain. A wide-range of the fountains is also used in homes, hotels, city parks and villas. A fountain is intended for people to come in and cool off on hot summer days.

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